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It is a school cricket website and App also. It features live score of school cricket matches including scorecards, stats, history matches, etc. In this, the backend has been made in ASP.NET while the front end is in Mobile Application. In the backend, an admin will manage the players, schools, coaches, and matches for the school. Even the admin can see the full profile of any player. In the mobile app, the user can set up the game, add players for the team manually. Users can also see the scoring screen of matches with bowling stats and batting stats.

    • Match History: In this, it shows the match history and scorecard list of the teams of the match that has been played. Admin can see the full scorecard of that match.
    • Live Score: This feature allows us to see the live score of the cricket matches. It shows the live update list of cricket match for the school team.
    • Multi-tenancy: In this we can provide this app to multiple schools so that they can use for the school cricket tournaments.
    • Statistics: In this, it shows the match statistics, player statistics for batting and bowling based on year and different teams.
    • Team Create: In this, only admin can create the team and its players for the school.
Platform .NET Framework 4.5, NetBeans
Programming Language Angular JS, Java
Database MSSQL, SQLite
Tools Microsoft Visual Studio, Android Studio