This application is always searching for products and services that allow the real estate community to be more productive and profitable, so nowhere will you find a better outlet to showcase your products and services. Our single mission is bringing our community of members accurate and detailed development information about office buildings across the Southwest, along with better solutions to all businesses that deliver products and services to the commercial audience. It is our best outlet for providing relevant, timely content for the intended audience.

    • Building Ancestry: This feature includes all the information related to property like Architecture Firm, Brokerage Firm, Construction, General Contractor, Landscape Architect, Lender, Property Owner, Structural Engineer, etc.
    • Building and Tenant Relationship: The building will be of different types like architecture, hospital, education, business, etc. In building, there will be a number of tenants. In each tenant, it will have the associate contacts. In application, they have all the details regarding the building and its tenants.
    • Real Estate Profile: It includes the information about personal background, his/her expertise, involvement in community, his/her experience, sales statistics and the value you provide to customer.
    • Company Profile: It shows the profile of subscribed members. In member details, it shows the services, specialization, owner, images, etc.
    • Property post for sale/post for lease: It shows the list of properties that are on sale/post for on lease. A broker can also put the post for the property for sale/post for lease. Property details will be like, floor data, rent, terms, space, etc. Users can also see the property post in PDF.
    • Geo Mapping: In this, users can search the property through geo location by connecting the four points and making the polygon in the geo map will the find the list of properties in that polygon area if it is available.
    • Advertisement: It uses the location, demographics, and interests to target potential buyers who have the best fit with your property.
Platform ASP.NET Web Forms (.NET 4.5.1)
Programming Language C#
Database MSSQL
Tools ASP.NET Dev Express