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The satisfaction of our clients is our topmost priority because the success of our clients gives us this credibility.

We GlobeSync Technologies are very fortunate to have various excellent partnerships with many of our clients around the world. We pride ourselves on showcasing the successes of our global clientele. We have served with our extensive range of custom core solutions & services, including enterprise-grade software systems and cloud-based applications.

Check out the testimonials to figure out how our distinguished clients think about our work. It’s the best way to get a detailed idea of the caliber of our competent team and the discipline they maintain while executing each project.

Our team strongly believes in delivering experiences. This goes far beyond producing solutions by using only technology. See real video testimonial of our client of GlobeSync Technologies for mobile, web, software development, ui/ux. embedded and hardware services.



We have collaborated with GlobeSync Technologies since 2019. They where primarily tasked with developing a private social networking application, that would run natively on iOS and Android. Given our limited technical expertise GlobeSync was able to help us bridge the gap between our business requirement and the required software development skills. They effortless took our ideas and product specifications along with rough mockups, and turned into a fully developed product that supported several thousand users a day, with an overall user base of almost 1,00,000+. They where patient during our counties meetings and showed an excellent aptitude for creative problem solving. They took care of our complete stack including the backend and also our AWS architecture. Their approach was methodological and their delivery was timely, keeping up with our tight and somewhat unpractical deadlines. We where highly impressed when they built a deployable solution in less than three months. We would definitely employ their services for future software development projects.

Testimonials by: CEO, Magnitude Management Services



MenoLabs | MenoLife

We have been working with GlobeSync Technologies for almost one and half years on projects related to our MenoLabs brand of products. These span our iOS and Android Menolife applications, web based solution for our Customer Management System, Shopify portals and web app based quizzes. Over the course of this period, the team has shown excellent professionalism, high technical prowess, good communication skills, brilliant time management, on time delivery, attention to quality control and adaptability to our ever changing business landscape. What impressed us the most was their ability to effortlessly integrate with our existing infrastructure and keep pace with our fast agile development pipelines. Their superior understanding of native iOS & Android application development, React and Angular based frameworks, along with an excellent grasp of server side technologies spanning from HIPAA compliant AWS solutions to video streaming has proven extremely valuable. They have shown time and again their resilience to overcome technological hurdles and move ahead on a tight schedule. We have no hesitation recommending GlobeSync Technologies for developing full stack solutions, and will be continuing to work with them.

Testimonials by: CEO, MenoLabs


Blessings Through Actions | Faithdom

We collaborated with GlobeSync Technologies to develop iOS mobile app, Android mobile app, MERN Stack web app and CMS. The team was very receptive to ideas, technical skills, changes and was very rapid and intelligent working methodology. The team has been diligent in their work throughout the project.

Testimonials by: Technical Specialist, Blessings Through Actions | Faithdom




GlobeSync Technologies has been the backbone of our software development efforts since we started back in 2020. We are a small startup based out of Tucson, Arizona, and hence we are extremely prudent with both our finances and time. We tried several different development agencies, however majority of them lacked the discipline and attention to detail that GlobeSync has shown. They are currently working with us to develop both our iOS and Android SenixCare applications. What they enabled us was to bring our ideas from paper to actual reality. They took care of wire framing, mockups, design, software development, AWS and Google Firebase setup, integration with 3rd party services such as Noonlight and advised us on our App Store presence. The team has been easy to communicate with, extremely flexible given our limited budget and strict timeline, timely and transparent about their implementation and testing. We look forward to continue to work with them for the foreseeable future.

Testimonials by: CEO, Biosenix




We have engaged with GlobeSync Technologies for assistance with expediting our production. They have provided exceptional service thus far during the numerous projects I have contracted them for, and I continue to work with them. Great company, great team, recommended for everybody.

Testimonials by: Associate Professor at the University of Arizona


Party Headphones

I would like to thank the GlobeSync Technologies team for their tremendous work in developing the platform. They have been phenomenal partners when it comes to bug fixing, adding additional features with emerging Technogies and many more.

Testimonials by: Founder, Party Headphones




Attributing the projects’s success to the quality and speed of the deliverables GlobeSync Technologies has provided, internal stakeholders are pleased with the engagement and the overall result of the web and mobile app development. The team is diligent, completely committed to the project, highly qualified and well managed. We will be working with them again on future projects.

Testimonials by: Founder, BioMatrix



Shravan Aras

Over 4+ years of engagement with GlobeSync Technologies for software & web development, mobile & IoT app development, UI/UX development, our business has seen profitable results with their proven skills and creative team. They expertise in array of advanced tools and technologies with their knowledgeable resources. We are grateful to have engaged with proficient developers and teams that offer a top-notch and cost-effective solution.

Testimonials by: CTO, Magnitude Management


Payment Central

We have worked with GlobeSync Technologies for our mobile application development project. We want to thank GlobeSync Technologies for their work. They have a very flexible and professional team.

Testimonials by: Technical Specialist, Payment Central


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