The food ordering & delivery system is a complete solution for food ordering or delivery business with intelligent order management system. The food ordering & delivery system will help to kickstart your restaurant business. The solution comprises of apps for customers, restaurants, delivery boys, and an admin panel for the business owner. The apps are for iOS, Android platforms and Web app. The solution is robust, secured and scalable for any business volume. You do not need previous experience or single coding knowledge to handle this food ordering & delivery management system.

    • Easy Registration & Login for Customer and Restaurant
    • Social Login for customer
    • Browsing Restaurant
    • Restaurant Menu & Dishes
    • Searching of Restaurant and Dishes
    • Easy Ordering
    • Real-time Order Updates & Tracking
    • View Order & Status
    • Auto Assign Delivery Person
    • Review & Ratings
    • Geofencing
    • View Sales
    • Commission Fees Management
    • Multiple Payment Options 
    • Promotional Emails & Promo Code
    • Management Section for Admin
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Support & Feedback Center
Platform iOS App, Android App, Web App, CMS, Admin
Programming Language React JS, Node JS, C#, Swift, Java, Kotlin
Database MongoDB, MYSQL
Tools Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, Sublime Text