Our Action Place (known as Faithdom) is a community app to interact, connect, organise and be inspired with other. It’s basic functionality like Facebook social media app. User can post story, images, video, GIF and many more. User can chat with friends, create group, do live video streaming and pray for other. User is also able to do the future post or message by selecting the future postdate, and app will display that post to other user to that postdate-time.

Blessings Through Action | Our Action Place | Faithdom App – https://youtu.be/f2q2YGC5NIY 

Blessings Through Action Social Community Solutions – Our Action Place | Faithdom – iOS App, Android App, Mobile App, Web App, Website, CMS, Analytics Tool & AI/ML Solutions provided by the GlobeSync Technologies.

    • Manage system, user activity and performance monitoring
    • System have ability to assign appropriate to user, verified account and so on
    • Authorised user post behalf of community
    • Moderator | Customer services team help to user, detect suspicious activity
    • Moderator | Customer services team review foul language, violence post, comments, suspicious activity and automatic action taken by the system predefined algorithm
Platform Web App
Programming Language Angular JS, Node JS, C#, HTML 5, CSS 3, JS
Technologies & Framework AWS Services, Live Video Streaming, Firebase Services, Analytic Tools, Google Services & Framework, Chat, AppsFlyer, Performance Monitoring Tool, Social Media Signup, Restful API, Mongo DB, Document DB, RDS Database
Database Restful API, Mongo DB, Document DB, RDS Database
Tools Netbeans, Visual Studio