GlobeSync Technologies offers ready-made UBER/OLA like online taxi app solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to start their own on-demand online taxi booking business, but they have scarce resources and limited time. GlobeSync Technologies is one of the industry’s leading mobile app solutions providers offering white-label and customizable solutions.

Our Taxi Booking solution is built on the back of meticulous development and testing. The outcome is a feature-rich solution with great performance, highly affordable cost, and customizability. Whatever your requirements are, we will assist you in developing a tailored on-demand taxi solution for your company. Our years of experience and technological expertise will help you develop your business to meet current demand.

– White Label Solution
– Flexible and Customizable
– Native Technology
– Tech Support

    • Easy Registration & Login
    • Real-Time Requests
    • Driver Availability & Rider Information
    • Map Integration & Ride Route
    • Start/End Trip | Cancel Booking
    • User & Ride Management | Share Ride
    • Vehicle Information & Management
    • Bird-eye View
    • Various Payment Method
    • SOS/Emergency/Safety Features
    • Earning History
    • Review & Ratings
    • Promotional | Referral Code
Platform Software, Web App, Mobile App (iOS & Android)
Programming Language React JS, Node JS, C#, Swift, Java, Kotlin
Database MongoDB, SQLite
Tools Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, Sublime Text